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Tony Williams

  • Write Your CV in LateX, Like a Nerd

    Jun 28, 2020

    I write my CV in LateX. I could say that this is because LateX is a professional typesetter and I want my CV to look great. I could say that I don’t want to mess around with layout when Word / Pages decides to throw my header away. These are true, but they are not why I use LateX. I use LateX because I am a nerd. I love the fact that I have taken a boring thing like writing a CV and turned it into a coding problem.

  • This Blog is Brought to You by Jekyll, Not Rails

    Jun 10, 2019

    Even though I am a ruby developer, my blog isn’t written in rails. I know your first thought here must be to shun me, but hear me out. I serve my blog on Heroku, using their static buildpack, generating the content with Jekyll. I am much happier because of this.

  • What Even is a Pivot Anyway?

    May 11, 2019

    Recently I have been working a lot with Unity’s UI system. The editor itself is a great tool, I’m able to quickly make what I want and have it respond to changes in screen sizes without too much effort. Trying to control it programatically, trying to drive a completely dynamic layout, however is a lot more painful. I can’t wait for the new UIElements system to be usable in-game.

  • LWRP on WebGL

    Apr 23, 2019

    As game developers we want to build the most engaging environments we can. We also want to reach as many people as possible. With WebGL we can reach people natively on the web but even with all the advancements in WebGL and WebAssembly, it’s still a much more restricted environment than even mobile platforms.

  • Comments are the Enemy

    Jun 29, 2017

    Contrary to popular opinion and most forms of software development training, comments are not actually helpful. Comments are, in fact, the enemy. Adding comments to your code or your company’s code do not make you a hero. Comments are not to be admired. Adding a comment to your code is to admit failure. You failed to make your code readable.

  • Playing with Ruby and Flickr

    Dec 12, 2016

    One of the best things about being a developer is the ability to play with computers, getting them to do cool things that don’t really serve a purpose. Often, the only limit is your imagination and the free time you have. In this vain I looked at getting ruby to download the top photo(s) from flickr and setting them automatically as my MacOS wallpaper. I had fun, so I thought I’d write down my experience.